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Vollton Musikverlag 30 Years

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Vollton Musikverlag

Vollton Musikverlag was founded under the aegis of the legendary recording studio, »Zuckerfabrik«, in 1985 in Stuttgart, the capital of south-western Germany, and home of such industrial giants as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bosch. Vollton is a music production company whose founder members were musicians, audio technicians and recording engineers, all of whom were dedicated to the highest technical and artistic quality. In this respect, the comparison with its neighbouring »world players« is legitimate, although Vollton has always been, and still is, a small enterprise. Apart from administering musical copyrights, the company owns two record labels, »Biber Records« and »Vollton«, as well as a recording studio, »Studio F«.

When »Zuckerfabrik« finally closed its doors in 1986, Vollton continued in business with several of the former studio shareholders, an arrangement which soon proved impractical. Ultimately, a completely new organisation was formed headed by the trumpet player, Detlef Engelhard, and the musician/composer/producer, Friedemann Witecka. In the years to follow, the company developed many very successful projects, became a shareholder in other publishing businesses, and expanded rapidly. By 1993, it was evident that yet another framework had to be found. It was at this juncture that Friedemann Witecka took over Vollton Musikverlag, its copyrights and labels, as sole owner and managing director.

It was1997 that another turning point in the company's 33 year old history occurred with the move from Stuttgart to Bollschweil. This little village on the outskirts of Freiburg im Breisgau in the Black Forest region of Germany offers much natural beauty, but lacks such icons as Mercedes, or Porsche. On closer inspection, however, at least one remarkable coincidence is revealed: Schloss Bollschweil, home of the local aristocracy, is the birthplace of the famous German poet Marie Luise Kaschnitz. Now, decades later, Bollschweil emerges as the source of the finest European music production disclosing, at one and the same time, the true meaning of the word »Vollton«, full sound and full colour.