Biber Records

Legends Of Light

Artist: Friedemann
Title: Legends Of Light
Format: CD
Playing Time: 52:48
Release Date: September 2011
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

The European version of this album was originally released on Biber Records in 1995. There is also an American version which appeared at the same time on Narada Equinox. The Biber-version contained some unique features such as a »Matrix Sourround« mix and a multi media track explaining the phenomena of the »Belchen« mountains. In 2011 Friedemann decided to completely rework the album as the surround feature had an awkward influence on the standard stereo reproduction, and the multi media track was technically outdated. Consequently these two features were removed and replaced by an 8 minute live performance of »Joy Of Beltane«, recorded during the concert tour of 1995 (Bonus Track). Also the packaging was facelifted and the booklet texts re-edited. The texts, however, are in German because Biber has the rights only for the German speaking countries Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Music from the ancient land of B E L E N O S

This music is an ode to the landscape and the »joie de vivre« of the Southern upper Rhine: the gentle Markgräflerland in Germany, the peaceful Sundgau and the vineyards of southern Alsace in France, the brittle northern Jura in Switzerland and the two ancient mountain ranges separated by the Rhine, the German Black Forest and the French Vosges.

Friedemann: guitars, keyboard programs
Rudolf Meier: accordion
Émmanuel Séjourné: vibes, marimba
Heinrich von Kalnein: sax
Roswita Maier: oboe
Antje Langkafel: flute
Anna Appelmann: bass clarinet
Henning Schmiedt: piano
Christian Dähn: timpanis
Martin Lillich: bass
Walter Keiser: drums, percussion
Ulrich Moritz: drums, percussion

Recorded 1994/95 at Studio F, Stuttgart; Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, MTM Studio, Esslingen.
Recording engineers: Adrian von Ripka, Johannes Wohlleben, Matthias Schneider, Friedemann Witecka
Mixed by Friedemann Witecka, Studio F, 2011
Mastered at Bauer Studios by Adrian von Ripka
Produced by Friedemann Witecka

01  Joy Of Beltane   (E. Séjourné / F. Witecka)   3:43
02  Memories Of Lugnasad   (F. Witecka)   4:50
03  Spring Has Come To Wiesental   (F. Witecka)   4:28
04  The Sun At Midnight   (F. Witecka)   5:38
05  Black Cherries – White Wine   (F. Witecka)   4:20
06  Lament Of The White Goddess   (F. Witecka)   3:21
07  Sunday In Alsace (J. Wohlleben / F. Witecka)   5:57
08  Seven Silver Stars   (F. Witecka)   3:18
09  The Fairies Of Sternsea   (F. Witecka)   4:17
10  Mount Belenos   (F. Witecka)   3:53
11  Joy Of Beltane -Concert Version- (Bonus Track)   8:03

Friedemann - Legends Of Light