Biber Records

Indian Summer

Artist: Friedemann
Title: Indian Summer
Catalog-Nr.: 66301
Format: CD
Playing Time: 47:36
Release Date: January 1987
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany


The album which in 1987 took the musical world by storm and paved the way for a new style of music, later to be called »New Instrumental Music«, is still gaining many new fans today.

»Rather than wimpy guitar noodling, Friedemann's music is somewhere between Ralf Towner/Oregon and Michael Oldfield, Pierre Moerlin's Gong, and other similar areas of progressive rock, with a touch of Steve Reich's interlocking rythms...  A very nice surprise«
OPTION (Los Angeles)

»A picturesque, lively, swinging, folk-based music, unabashed by conflict and contoured with powerful splashes of jazz«
(DIE ZEIT, Hamburg)

»A milestone of new instrumental music«

»A finely nuanced euphonic synthesis tinged with chamber-music hues«

Friedemann: guitars, bass, zither, harp, voice
Johannes Wohlleben: keys, grand piano, chinese dulcimer
Büdi Siebert: sax, bass clarinet, flute, marimba, percussion
Philippe Geiss: soprano sax, percussion
Émmanuel Séjourné: marimba, vibes, percussion
Simon Pomarat: darbuka, palmas
Dieter »Dizzy« Pandtle: tablas, bongos
Detlef Engelhard: trumpet
Anne Haigis: voice

Recorded 1984 – 1986 at Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik,
Melody Tonstudio Stuttgart,
Studio Christal, Illhaeusern, Frankreich.
Mixed at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg.
Engineered by Johannes Wohlleben.

01 - Sunshower  (F. Witecka)  2:48
02 - The Eye Of The Dragonfly  (F. Witecka) 3:52
03 - Sentimental Elegance  (F. Witecka) 3:17
04 - Sourdos  (E.Séjourné) 3:09
05 - Indian Summer  (Witecka/Wohlleben)  7:27
06 - November Winds (Witecka/Wohlleben/Siebert)  4:42
07 - Lichterloh (Witecka/Wohlleben)  4:29
08 - Flight Of The Heron  (F. Witecka)  6:08
09 - Russian River Ballad  (Witecka/Wohlleben)  2:50
10 - Short Reminiscence Of A Long Summer (Geiss) 1:47
11 - Open Mind  (Wohlleben)  2:54
12 - Kuterevka  (F. Witecka)  3:53

Friedemann - Indian Summer