Biber Records


Artist: Friedemann
Title: Aquamarin
Catalog-Nr.: 66431
Format: CD
Playing Time: 49:52
Release Date: September 1990
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

According to an old legend, the blue Beryll (aquamarine) comes from the treasure of a mermaid. Blue creates an atmosphere of tranquility. It is the colour of inspiration and infinity. Colour and Music are phenomena of vibration. The music on this album has been inspired by the magic of the aquamarine. It is a combination of hardness and translucence, gentleness and strength, serenity and depth. (Friedemann)
»Best audiophile CD of all times« (AUDIO, 1997)
»The perfect recording« (STEREOPLAY, 1990)

Friedemann: guitars, keys, zither, kalimba, e-percussion
Johannes Wohlleben: keys, grand piano, chinese dulcimer
Roswitha Maier: oboe, englisch horn
Gebhard Ullmann: soprano sax, flutes, bass clarinet
Christian Dähn: marimba, vibes
Thomas Heidepriem: bass, keys
Ulrich Moritz: percussion

Guest Musicians:
Verena Guthy: flute
Gefion Landgraf: flute
Martin Nischmann: clarinet
Martin Drescher: bassoon
Büdi Siebert: bass clarinet
Detlef Engelhard: trumpet

Recorded, mixed and mastered at
Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg,
by Johannes Wohlleben
Produced by Friedemann Witecka

01 My Blue Star  (F. Witecka) 2:50
02 Aquamarin  (F. Witecka) 4:40
03 L'Eau de mer (J. Wohlleben) 3:55
04 Wednesday’s Intermezzo  (Witecka/Wohlleben) 3:32
05 Five Sounding Crystals  (Witecka/Wohlleben) 5:40
06 Bao Lan (Precious Blue)  (F. Witecka) 4:10
07 Marambaya Morning  (F. Witecka) 3:58
08 Heliodor (The Sun’s Gift)  (Witecka/Wohlleben) 6:13
09 In The Court Of The Mermaid  (F. Witecka) 4:24
10 Percussive Pyromania  (Moritz/Heidepriem/Witecka) 4:13
11 The man from Caesaria (F.Witecka) 6:00

Friedemann - Aquamarin