Biber Records

Memory Lane

Artist: Friedemann
Title: Memory Lane (Limited Luxury Edition)
Catalog-Nr.: 76821
Format: CD
Playing Time: 60:18
Release Date: October 2008
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

On this compilation of award-winning studio recordings and passionate live performances, guitarist and composer Friedemann takes the listener through that magnificent musical scenery which he has cultivated so expertly over the last three decades. But on the way from the 1980s to 2008 there are also some previously unreleased tracks to be discovered.

Produced by Friedemann Witecka


01 Tuning (neuer Mix), 3:51
Friedemann solo

02 The Man from Caesarea, 5:58
Friedemann: guitar; Johannes Wohlleben: keys; Thomas Heidepriem: bass; Ulrich Moritz: percussion.

03 L'Eau de Mer, 3:53
Friedemann: guitar; Johannes Wohlleben: grand piano.

04 Memory Lane (new Mix), 4:55
Friedemann: guitar; Klaus Weiland: guitar.

05 Pia, 3:05 – Friedemann: guitar; Christian Straube: guitar.

06 Alois, 3:57 – Friedemann: guitar; Christian Straube: guitar.

07 Bao Lan, 8:19 – Live recording: Friedemanns Aquamarin Orchester: Friedemann: guitar; Gebhard Ullmann: soprano sax, bass flute; Roswitha Maier: gong; Johannes Wohlleben: keys; Christian Dähn: marimba; Thomas Heidepriem: bass; Ulrich Moritz: percussion.

08 Joy of Beltane,  8:03 – Live recording: Belenos Orchester:
Friedemann: guitar; Rudolf Meier: accordion;
Henning Schmiedt: keys; Christian Dähn: marimba;
Martin Lillich: bass; Ulrich Moritz: drums.

09 Sourdos, 4:36 –  Live recording: Friedemann Ensemble:
Friedemann: guitar; Philippe Geiss: percussion;
Emmanuel Séjourné: marimba, vibes, percussion;
Kurt Eisfeld: keys; Markus Faller: drums, percussion.

10 The Stallion's Dream, 6:30 – Live recording: Friedemann Ensemble

11 The rusty Knight,  06:45 – Live recording: Friedemann Ensemble

Friedemann - Memory Lane