Biber Records


Artist: Friedemann
Title: Saitensprung
Catalog-Nr.: 76811
Format: CD
Playing Time: 45:06
Release Date: May 2007
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

Beyond Twang-Twang

At all his concerts since 1998 and on the CDs »Passion and Pride« and »Short Stories« Friedemann had always had his fabulous Franco-German ensemble at his side, with Philippe Geiss, saxophone, Emmanuel Séjourné, vibraphone and marimba, Markus Faller, drums and percussion; and Kurt Eisfeld on keyboards. The real proof of the quality and originality of this team was provided in 2005 with the live DVD »The Concert«.

So it is quite astounding that none of the gentlemen appeared here. What happened? Was there a row? Was the ensemble disbanded? What does »le chef« – as the French-speaking members of the group nickname him – have to say about it?

»When I was talking to my friend and colleague Büdi Siebert a while ago, he remarked that I ought to think about doing a production just with guitar. Oh dear, I thought, that’s not my thing at all. No colours or textures, no salt and pepper, no thunder and lightning. But I could not get the idea out of my head, because my fans had made similar suggestions too. And so began a voyage of discovery, an expedition which developed into more and more of an adventure. Is it possible to make sound events with guitars that go beyond just ›twang-twang‹? What does the guitar say when I hit it or stroke it, and can’t such sound samples be joined together to make sequences?«

Another impulse for this CD came from Friedemann’s work with fellow guitar player Christian Straube. While they were working on Christian’s production »Grand Cru« (Biber 76801) they didn’t just create exquisite recordings (»Audiophile CD of the month«, Stereoplay magazine): it was also the beginning of a new friendship extending far beyond the musical expectations of either of them.

There it is again, the salt in Friedemann’s musical cuisine. The tracks played here, including compositions created and played with Christian Straube, offer the listener an extensive menu of sounds, spiced with ingenious nouvelle cuisine ingredients and therefore far more delicious than the somewhat limited range of flavours a single guitar can offer.

That does not mean, however, that this new project will deprive the fans of their accustomed comforts. The Friedemann Ensemble will continue to perform on stage and record together in the studio. Friedemann is just taking a pleasant bit of time out: jumping off the supertanker to have a ride on a motorboat.

Friedemann: acoustic & electric guitars, bass guitar, 12-string guitar, e-bow, percussion guitar, voice.
Christian Straube: acoustic guitar
Heidrun Rosenzweig: Irish harp
Rea Witecka: Bohemian harp
Tim Ströble: cello

Recorded and mixed at Studio F, Bollschweil, 2006/2007
Producer: Friedemann Witecka
Recording: F. Witecka, Ingo Rau + J. Wohlleben
Mix: Johannes Wohlleben
Mastering: Johannes Wohlleben, Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg

01 Afro Dite 3:25 (F. Witecka)
02 Ein Samer Kauboj 3:05 (F.Witecka)
03 Till 3:15 (Chr. Straube & F. Witecka)
04 Saitensprung 3:34 (F.Witecka)
05 Hitzig 4:15 (F. Witecka & Chr. Straube)
06 Eine kleine Zupfmusik 5:27 (F. Witecka)
07 Pia 3:04 (Chr. Straube & F. Witecka)
08 Calling Home 5:38 (F. Witecka)
09 Für Moni 6:26 (Chr. Straube & F. Witecka)
10 Sentimental Elegance 3:41 (F. Witecka)
11 County Road 2:52 (Chr. Straube & F. Witecka)

Friedemann - Saitensprung