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Bonnie Dobson

Bonnie Dobson – Friedemann – David Moses

Bonnie Dobson's name is synonymous with one original composition: Morning Dew, a song covered by the likes of the Grateful Dead, Lulu, Rod Stewart, Tim Rose, Robert Plant and countless others. It was written in 1961 when the Canadian born folk singer was appearing at the Ash Grove in Los Angeles. At that time, she made her home in Chicago and then New York, frequently appearing at Gerdes Folk City when Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, Richie Havens, Simon and Garfunkel — to name but a few — were just beginning to put their singer-songwriting skills to the test. As a teenager at summer camps in Ontario and Quebec she had met Pete Seeger who, as with so many of her contemporaries, was to prove a major influence in her singing career. By 1963 she had already recorded four albums for Prestige International and had been favourably reviewed in, among others, both The New York Times and Time Magazine where she was cited as one of the »Folk Girls« along with Joan Baez, Judy Collins and Carolyn Hester. In 1964 Bobby Scott signed her to Mercury Records.

In the autumn of 1969, having recorded  two more albums for RCA, Bonnie moved to London, England. In the following years she toured the British Isles, continental  Europe, Cyprus, Oman and Belize. In London she recorded albums for Argo/Decca, Polydor and Ritz Records as well as innumerable sessions for the BBC (Radio and TV).

Bonnie Dobson - Looking Back