Biber Records

The Concert

Artist: Friedemann
Title: The Concert
Catalog-Nr.: 76786
Format: SACD / Hybrid
Sound Format: Stereo / 5.1
Playing Time: 69:49
Release Date: March 2005
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

When Friedemann was in the studio with his long term »sound master« Johannes Wohlleben mixing the audio for the DVD of the same title, the video was always running along with the sound track. This is standard practise to make sure that sound and picture are in sync and compatible. But there were certain moments when Friedemann shut his eyes. He wanted to »see the music« rather than the musicians.

For all of you who have similar sensations when listening to Friedemann's music, we have compiled this hybrid SACD. It is compatible with all CD players. There are several different layers on the disc: PCM Stereo, DSD Stereo and DSD 5.1 multi channel. The DSD signals can only be reproduced by a SACD player. Reproducing 5.1 multi channel gives you a significantly larger sensation of space and in some passages the sounds chase around in all dimensions.

Although the same recordings were used as on the DVD, the two discs are not identical. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, the length of programm is limited on the SACD. With a little over 69 minutes this disc is just at that limit. Secondly it makes little sense to include titles which have primarily a visual character. So Friedemann had to make a selection which is of course also an artistic process. He is confident, however, that his choice includes the most beautiful musical moments of »The Concert«.

Friedemann: guitar
Philippe Geiss: soprano and alto sax, percussion
Emmanuel Séjourné: marimba, vibes, percussion
Kurt Eisfeld: keyboards
Markus Faller: drums, percussion

Recorded at Theaterhaus Stuttgart, July 2004
Producer: Friedemann Witecka
Recording Engineer: Gibbs Platen
Mixing Engineer: Johannes Wohlleben at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg

01 The Samurai Who Decided To Die 5:04 (F. Witecka)
02 One Summer Eve 4:42 (F. Witecka)
03 The Lady From Yonder Hill  5:41 (Ph. Geiss / F. Witecka)
04 Six Baguettes 3:28 (E. Séjourné)
05 Memories Of Lugnasad  7:42 (F. Witecka)
06 Once In The Black Forest  5:08 (F. Witecka)
07 Blow With The Wind  8:56 (F. Witecka)
08 He Who Walks Alone  8:42 (F. Witecka)
09 The Eye Of The Dragonfly  6:45 (F. Witecka)
10 Toledo IV  1:38 (F. Witecka)
11 Passion And Pride  8:19 (F. Witecka / P. Largounez)
12 Lament Of The White Goddess  3:38 (F. Witecka)

Friedemann - The Concert