Biber Records

Beauty And Mystery Of Touch

Artist: Friedemann
Title: Beauty and Mystery of Touch
Catalog-Nr.: 76701
Format: CD
Playing Time: 69:21
Release Date: October 2000
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

This is Friedemann's first »Best-of« Compilation and contains your (and our) favourite songs from the albums Indian Summer (1987), Aquamarin (1990), Legends of Light (1995) and Passion and Pride (1999).

With about 70 minutes total playing time, this CD offers a comprehensive and impressive summary of 15 years in Friedemann's creative career:

01 The Eye of the Dragonfly
02 Midsummer Eclipse
03 Spring has come to Wiesental
04 Aquamarin
05 Indian Summer (appeared on over 4 million CDs)
06 In the Court of the Mermaid
07 The Sun at Midnight (new mix)
08 Tango pour quatre Elles
09 My Blue Star
10 Joy of Beltane
11 Passion and Pride
12 Kuterevka
13 Jungle Tune (as Bonus-Track. The original version of Jungle Tune was first published in 1979 on the (vinyl-) album »The Beginning of Hope« and again in 1986 on the CD-compilation »Voyager in Expanse«. This latest version however is a more than 12 minute-long live recording of this track, which was the climax of any concert during the 1995 »Legends of Light« European tour. It features exciting improvisations on accordion, claviola, saxophone, guitar and double-bass.)

Friedemann - Beauty And Mystery Of Touch