Biber Records

On A Personal Note

Artist: Friedemann
Title: On a personal Note
Catalog-Nr.: 66651
Format: CD
Playing Time: 66:13
Release Date: April 1997
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

No, this CD is not a »best of« collection, nor is it a collection of Friedemann's greatest hits. Here Friedemann, guitarist, composer and producer, looks back on a wide variety of memories from the past three decades of his career as a musician, without sinking into self-indulgent nostalgia or just rehashing old, well-known recordings. He has searched through his private tape archive and selected a few previously unreleased tracks to document his career and development as a musician from his first performance in 1967. He looked up some of his old fellow musicians such as Bonnie Dobson, Anne Haigis, Davic Moses or Klaus Weiland, and in 1996 he wrote and recorded a number of new tracks with them.

The bottom line is a collection of old and new songs which he has now released – a sort of Friedemann »anthology«, with a personal note which immediately touches the listener and guarantees intense enjoyment for everyone, not just his old aficionados. And just to clear away any fears you may have: this collection is not meant to be the musical legacy of a great musician who after thirty years of active performance now wants to retire from the business. On the contrary, it is an unusual and therefore all the more exciting view of his work, a personal collection of new and old songs from 1967 to 1997. No more and no less.

01 Flash In The Pan (with Noco Music)
02 Again And Again (with Bonnie Dobson)
03 Days Of Reckoning (with Bonnie Dobson)
04 Memory Lane (with Klaus Weiland)
05 Waiting On The Hill (with Anne Haigis)
06 Passion And Pride (Belenos Orchester)
07 Springtime Promises (with Klaus Weiland)
08Candy Man (with Klaus Weiland)
09 Jane (with David Moses)
10 Fille Du Soleil (with Goun)
11 When I Get My Wings (with Anne Haigis)
12 Mit Leichtem Gepäck (with Goun)
13 Come On Back (with Bonnie Dobson)
14 Blow With The Wind (vocal version)
15 Mr. Tambourine Man (solo)

Produced by Friedemann Witecka

Friedemann - On A Personal Note