Biber Records

The Master Tracks

Artist: Friedemann
Title: The Master Tracks
Format: Double-LP, 45rpm, 180 Gr., (Cat.-Nr: 76860) | CD, Luxury Edition (Cat.-Nr: 76865)
Time: LP: 55:53 | CD: 67:46
Release: 24 April 2015
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

You may purchase this album directly from us. The Luxury-Edtition-CD costs 20€ and the Double LP 25€. For postage and packing please contact us by email, stating your postal adress, so we can calculate the total price for you. In the EURO-Zone payment is possible via standart EURO transfer. Otherwise we accept payment via paypal.

For half a century his life has been his music. And on this long and wondrous way the German composer and guitar player Friedemann has come across some deep rivers and some high mountains. Or as he himself puts it: »The music has made me poor and rich, happy and unhappy. It makes me ill and it heals me. It frustrates me, frightens me and gives me hope. Sometimes I hate it. But, it lives within me; it nourishes me and it inspires me to new deeds.«

Now, you may say, this compilation is not really a new work. Are you sure?

For a long while Friedemann has contemplated compiling a collection of the most vibrant recordings, as a sort of retrospective, and, at the same time creating a new dramaturgy, a new listening experience. Consequently, he asked his long-time friend and tonmeister, Johannes Wohlleben, to completely rework the entire program with the finest studio equipment and with all his extraordinary skill, instead of just copying the tracks of the old productions.

So, all the music you hear on this record/disc has been completely remastered and offers a new listening sensation. Friedemann: »That is why I call it ›The Master Tracks‹ «.

1    1a    Wing Your Way, Butterfly - 5:01
2    2a    The Lady From Yonder Hill - 5:21
3    3a    Saitensprung - 3:38
4    1b    One Summer Eve - 4:38
5    2b    Dancing On The Blue Lake - 4:40  
6    3b    On The Shropshire Hills - 4:32
7    1c    Aquamarin - 4:42
8    2c    Echoes Of A Shattered Sky - 5:24   
9    3c    Hitzig - 3:34   
10    1d    The Eye Of The Dragonfly - 3:55   
11    2d    Toledo IV (Concert Performance) - 1:48
12    3d    Passion And Pride (Concert Performance) - 8:17
13        Jungle Tune (Concert Performance) - 8:14
14        Lament Of The White Goddess
            (Concert Performance) - 3:34

Friedemann: acoustic guitars, octave guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, e-bow, bass guitar, sequenced keyboards, electric percussion.
Kurt Eisfeld: grand piano, keyboards.
Tim Ströble: violon cello.
Markus Faller: drums, percussion, vibra.
Philippe Geiss: soprano & alto sax.
Emmanuel Séjourné: marimba, midi-vibra, electric percussion, snare drum.
Roswitha Maier: oboe.
Gebhard Ullmann: soprano sax, alto & bass flute.
Christian Dähn: marimba, vibes.
Johannes Wohlleben: keyboards.
Thomas Heidepriem: electric bass.
Ulrich Moritz: orchestrated percussion.
Christian Straube: steel string guitar.
Detlef Engelhard: trumpet.
Dieter Pandtle: Bongos.

Produced and compiled by Friedemann Witecka. Mastering: J. Wohlleben, Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg. Direct Metal Cut (LP): Pauler Acoustics, Northeim. All titles published by Edition Miss U,  c/o Vollton Musikverlag GmbH & Co. KG

Friedemann The Master Tracks