Biber Records


Artist: Friedemann
Title: Aquamarin
Catalog-Nr.: 76430
Format: LP, 180 Gramm Virgin Vinyl
Re-Release: March 2010
Label: Biber Records
Distribution: Inakustik, Germany

This is a remastered re-release of an audiophile jewel made especially for the friends of the black discs. Please note that due to the reduced playing time the content of this LP is not identical with the original CD. And, due to the remastering, the sound has also improved. You may think that isn't possible – well it is!  

Friedemann: guitars, keys, zither, kalimba, e-percussion
Johannes Wohlleben: keyks, grand piano, chinese dulcimer
Roswitha Maier: oboe, englisch horn
Gebhard Ullmann: soprano sax, flutes, bass clarinet
Christian Dähn: marimba, vibes
Thomas Heidepriem: bass, keys
Ulrich Moritz: percussion

Guest Musicians:
Verena Guthy: flute
Gefion Landgraf: flute
Martin Nischmann: clarinet
Martin Drescher: bassoon
Büdi Siebert: bass clarinet
Detlef Engelhard: trumpet

Recorded and mixed at
Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg,
by Johannes Wohlleben
Remastered 2010 by Johannes Wohlleben
Produced by Friedemann Witecka


Side A
My Blue Star  (F. Witecka) 2:50
Aquamarin  (F. Witecka) 4:40
Wednesday’s Intermezzo  (Witecka/Wohlleben) 3:32
Five Sounding Crystals  (Witecka/Wohlleben) 5:40
Bao Lan (Precious Blue)  (F. Witecka) 4:10

Side B
Marambaya Morning  (F. Witecka) 3:58
Heliodor (The Sun’s Gift)  (Witecka/Wohlleben) 6:13
In The Court Of The Mermaid  (F. Witecka) 4:24
Percussive Pyromania  (Moritz/Heidepriem/Witecka) 4:13

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Friedemann - Aquamarin